It gets easier if you Japa correctly and also meet the right people – Helen Paul advices

Comedienne Helen Paul has advised those with relocation plans to do it rightly and try to meet the ‘’right people” as it gets easier that way. 

In an interview session with media personality, Daddy Freeze, the comedienne narrated how she relocated from Nigeria to the U.S. with her family five years ago.

According to her, the journey began after concluding her PhD. She said she was at first denied a visa because she wasn’t paying taxes for the jobs she did while visiting the U.S. in the past.

Helen further revealed that this was rectified after the lawyer her godfather hired discovered that she had a PhD. She went on to state that people need to make the right connections as living abroad isn’t an easy thing.

Helen disclosed that while there are people who would want you to go through all the obstacles they faced before getting stable, meeting the right people will make the weight lighter.

She disclosed that she bought a house in the U.S. two years after arriving the country. According to her, a Nigerian lady she met helped her achieve this.


Helen also advised those with relocation plans to take their education in Nigeria seriously as it counts abroad. The comedienne claimed that people get jobs abroad with their Nigerian certificates abroad.

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