My Ex-husband Had A1 In Malice Keeping’ – Yvonne Jegede Sheds More Light On Her Crashed Marriage

Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede has revealed that her ex-husband loved keeping malice. The mother of one stated this while explaining why her marriage to Olakunle ‘Abounce’ Fawole crashed.

According to the movie star, her ex husband had the habit of keeping malice for weeks.


In a recent episode on The Honest Bunch podcast, the single mum shed light on the circumstances that caused the crash of her marriage.


Yvonne stated that her ex-husband has a specialty for keeping to himself whenever they disagree on issues; this could go on for weeks.

She cited an example when she was pregnant with their child and he kept malice for three weeks, frustrating her enough to pack her bags and leave for her parent’s house.


Even at that, she said he never checked up on her well-being or that of their unborn child while she was away.


“Most times when we had issues, I don’t know how to keep malice or walk out, come back and not talk to you. But he had A1 in malice and that was what ended the marriage.


We kept malice for three weeks and I was pregnant in the same house and I packed my bags for my father’s house.



Despite being pregnant, he won’t even call me till midnight to know where I took his pregnancy to,”


she said partly.


Somewhere in the interview, Yvonne defended actor, Yu Edochie’s choice of taking a second wife. She said that she saw nothing inherently wrong with him embracing polygamy and taking a second wife.

Yvonne further added that some of the people criticizing him come from families with second or third wives, and she urged them to refrain from making frivolous comments on the internet. She was quoted:


“You see this same Yul Edochie, ehn, 99% of people that are abusing him on the internet are from second wives, third wives, fourth wives, and even fifth wives.”


“Sometimes some of them come from wives they the family does not even know about; let’s all stop being silly on the internet.


“He is owning his BS with his chest, but nobody is going to support him, even me. I have to stand with the crowd so they don’t curse me. I don’t see anything he’s done wrong; most of us are from second wives.”


Further expressing her support for Edochie, Jegede questioned the double standards surrounding polygamous relationships, specifically citing the case of Ned Nwoko and Regina Daniels.


“Why are we cursing the guy? They would curse him and leave Ned Nwoko alone, and say Regina Daniels is your prayer point, and she’s the only one that can advise you about marriage. These are the comments I see.”


As expected many Nigerians especially women stormed her page to slam her for her comments.


However, following the backlash that trailed the statement, Jegede in a statement published on Instagram said her words were not articulated in a way that conveyed her true intentions.


According to the actress, she regrets her words which were deemed insensitive to the pain and hardship endured by Yul’s first wife, May Edochie during her marriage to Yul.


The statement read,


”I am truly sorry. My intention in the interview was to highlight the important societal issues depicted in my film, however, in the process of discussing these themes, my words were misinterpreted.

I spoke about my own failed marriage and the struggles of single mothers, aiming to shed light on these challenges.


I want to clarify that my remarks about polygamy were meant to reflect its cultural context and to emphasize that how it is practiced is crucial. My goal was to convey that polygamy is part of our culture, but what matters is how it is approached.


I want to stress that my comments were not intended to trivialize the pain of Mrs May Edochie or any woman going through similar struggles.


I do not claim to have advanced knowledge of the personal circumstances between Yul Edochie and his ex- wife. I aimed to communicate that we all make wrong decisions and sometimes, those decisions happen in marriages, and we should do something about them instead of enduring perpetual pain.


In doing something about it, some people, separate, some divorce while some seek the help of professionals.


I firmly believe that everyone deserves love, attention, and care most especially women. I apologize if my statements did not effectively convey this sentiment. I am grateful for the opportunity to clarify my intentions and express my sincere apologies to anyone who was hurt by my words,”


she added.

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