Pastor Agbala Gabriel addresses rumors of Sule Suebebe’s family refusing to receive the actor’s body from him

Reports have been swirling about the late actor Sule Suebebe’s family allegedly rejecting his corpse when Pastor Agbala Gabriel brought it to them.

The cleric who announced Sule Suebebe’s death and was by his side during his final moments, tackled these allegations in a newly released video

Renowned Nigerian pastor and philanthropist, Pastor Ademola Amusan, known as Agbala Gabriel, has finally broken his silence to address the swirling reports that the family of the recently deceased actor, Sule Suebebe, refused to accept his corpse from him.


WITHIN NIGERIA reported on Wednesday that Sule Suebebe died in the early hours of June 12th at an undisclosed hospital in Ibadan, Oyo State.


The announcement of his death came from Ibadan-based cleric who had been tending to the actor during his prolonged illness.


Just hours after the tragic news broke, a social media user stirred up a storm by claiming that the actor’s family had refused to accept his corpse from the clergyman.


“Breaking news: We hear that Baba Suebebe’s family refused to take his corpse from Agbala Gabriel; they rejected his corpse. So what is going to happen now?”.

This shocking revelation set the internet abuzz, leading to a flurry of heated debates and rampant speculation about the circumstances surrounding the family’s decision.


In response to these allegations, Pastor Agbala firmly denied that any such event took place, asserting that the rumors of the late actor’s family rejecting his corpse are unfounded and malicious attempts to damage his reputation.


He explained that after Sule Suebebe’s death, he immediately notified the actor’s family, who then arrived without delay.



Pastor Agbala further disclosed that, upon conversing with the family, he discovered that their lack of contact during Suebebe’s illness was due to the actor’s explicit request for them to stay away while he was alive.


The cleric expressed his happiness that the late actor repented and drew closer to God during his final days. He conveyed his confidence that Sule Suebebe is now resting in the bosom of the Lord.

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