Blukel is a social platform that aims to grow lives and active community.

How to Earn on Blukel🌝💵

You earn through Activities you perform on the platform and also through Affiliate program which is NOT compulsory

Affiliate program is a referral program you earn each time you refer a user to join Blukel Community.
1. You earn 75% of your referral registration fee.
2. 50% of the registration fee will will be rewarded to you instantly while 25% will be rewarded to you at the end of each level completion.

Starter5 Users₦5000₦2500₦7500
Sustainers15 Users₦15000₦7,500₦22500
Achievers40 Users₦40,000₦20,000₦60,000
Benefactors80 Users₦80,000₦40,000₦120,000
Investors110 Users₦110,000₦55,000₦165,000

Isn’t that profitable with just a one time registration fee of 3000?

For more enquiry talk with our site vendors and site agent for help/ assistance.

How to Earn with site Activities🌚🕺

Blukel helps you maximize your potentials.
You meet new people, chat, post, blog, share post and earn money massively 💰.

How it works 🪅🪩
You earn unlimited daily points called Kels by our daily activities

🏹Site Registration  - 500 kels 
🏹Daily logins       - 100 kels
🏹Playing games      - 300 kels
🏹Birthday bonus     - 500 kels
🏹Reading news       - 100 kels
🏹Making Post's      - 200 kels
🏹Making Comments    - 100 kels
🏹Liking a Post      - 100 kels
🏹Sharing Posts      - 100 kels
🏹Watching videos    - 200 kels

Blukel site automatically convert your kels on your wallet to real life money available for withdrawals.
All your activities on Blukel count🌝.

🎯You can also earn money by engaging in our Daily, Weekly and monthly task.

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