How To Get Rid Of Bedbugs With Salt

Bedbugs are quite irritating and having them in your house will make your nights so uncomfortable. The fact that it is so hard to do away with them is even more stressful than their presence.

There are many ways of getting rid of bedbugs but some are not effective while some are so expensive. However, experts have established that using salt can help in eradicating bedbugs.

It has been revealed that bedbugs can be eliminatd by use of boiled water with salt in it. Salted water will absorb the body fluid of the bedbug which will lead to their death through dehydration. Salted water is highly concentrated compared to the body fluid in the bedbugs.

This will lead to their body fluid leaving via cell membrane to the sorrounding. Use of salt is the cheapest way as salt is quite relatively commonly found in many house holds.

Bedbugs can find their ways into your house in several ways such as sitting next to a person who already have them in their house.

This person may be having some bedbugs stuck on their clothes and so interacting with them closely can pass the pest to you and you end up carrying it home. Another common way is when you buy a second hand furniture which had come from a house with bedbugs.

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