The Number Of Times A Healthy Person Should Get Up At Night To Urinate

According to Healthline, it is not uncommon for people to wake up at night to urinate, but how often is normal and healthy? The answer to this question depends on various factors, including age, gender, and overall health.

Generally speaking, a healthy adult should be able to sleep through the night without having to wake up to urinate. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. For example, pregnant women often experience increased urinary frequency due to hormonal changes and pressure on the bladder.


Additionally, older adults may experience a decrease in bladder capacity and muscle tone, leading to more frequent nighttime urination.


In general, most healthy adults should not need to wake up more than once per night to urinate. If you find that you are waking up more frequently than this, it may be a sign of an underlying medical condition. Some common conditions that can cause frequent nighttime urination include.

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