Uriel berates DeeOne, schools him on Genevieve Nnaji’s mental health

Uriel criticized DeeOne, for making age-shaming remarks about veteran actress Genevieve Nnaji in his recent video

Uriel expressed concern about the negative impact of social media and reminded Dee one to be mindful of the content he shares especially when it involves sensitive topics.

Reality TV star and chef, Uriel has spoken out against comedian DeeOne’s recent comments about veteran actress Genevieve Nnaji, criticizing his age-shaming remarks as a desperate attempt to seek attention.

Genevieve, who has been prioritizing her mental health and maintaining a low profile for the past year, recently shared a video on Instagram showcasing her support for Ayra Starr’s music.


The video quickly gained traction, with many commending Genevieve for her youthful appearance despite her age.


However, DeeOne sparked controversy by urging fans to stop complimenting Genevieve’s youth, insisting she should embrace motherly and grandmotherly roles instead.

According to him, Nigerians are deceiving the movie star with their praises.


In reaction, Uriel took to her Instagram story to address DeeOne’s hurtful comments, emphasizing that certain topics should be off-limits.


She highlighted Genevieve’s focus on her mental health and stressed that not every thought should be shared online.


Uriel cautioned against the toxic nature of social media and the alarming rate of suicidal thoughts, urging users to filter their thoughts and prioritize kindness.



In her message, Uriel emphasized the need to show empathy and understanding, particularly towards individuals who may be struggling with their mental health.


In her words:


“Dee One, I love you, bro, But Genevieve? Come on, bro,

There are things you just don’t Dabble in at all.

A woman that’s trying to get her mental health together!!

Bro, there are just things you don’t say; let it be a thought.


Social media is Toxic.

We need to learn how to filter our thoughts.

There are alot of people on the brink of Suicide.

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