‘Our National Anthem is gone’, More reactions trail Tinubu’s new law

More reactions have trailed the bill President Bola Tinubu signed into law on Wednesday morning. With the new law, ‘Arise, O Compatriots’, composed by Pa…

10days.Kaiii I hail Thee oooo.”


Ojuolape Akindayomi Oluyemi: “Since the Anthem was composed in 1960 by the British expatriate and now adopted ,the government should also change our Naira to Pounds.”


On Instagram, a user, @mbtukur11 posted: “Other countries are advancing in cutting edge technology, infrastructure and space technology. Nigeria is moving backwards to the 1960 anthem.


“The Senate and House of Representatives have nothing upstairs to give ,they are not aware of the problems of this country nor the solutions.. I don’t think there is a single person who has time to memorize this national anthem.”


@fredmonie: “They left an anthem composed by a Nigerian just to adopt the one that was written by our colonizers. What a time to be a Nigerian.”


@chimaobi_mo: “Nigeria is retrogressive in every aspect. Everything about this country is moving backward.”


@daniel_kelvinv: “The sad truth is another government will come and then revert back again. Why do we give things that don’t bring solutions to any of our problems so much attention? Could it be the lack of ideas?”


@abujabigbaby: “When will they sit like this and talk about the insecurity of the country??? When? Nigerians bleed everyday and this is what is more important?”

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