About Blukel

Blukel is a social platform that let you earn massive income by fully daily tasks, Our Company wants to help people earn money, people who can't make money right now and for people who lost their job during this pandemic, people who need additional incomes to support their monthly incomes. We want you to earn money together with us and grow together with our company. This is a way that will let you earn money and also protect you.

How Much Can You Expect to Earn Watching Videos?

You can earn as much as you can depending on your energy applied.

Get Paid for Watching Videos Online:

Watch entertaining videosp allo



em>Just Binge Watch and Chill:

It's easy. You already watch videos and TV shows while you're scrolling through your phone. Get paid for those scrolls. Use the free Blukel to make real money while you're watching TV.

You're already on your phone anyway. Get paid for your scrolls. Earn money while you watch videos and TV shows.


What's the Catch?

Got opinions? Share them - they're worth something. Post videos? Post them on Blukel and earn cash rewards. Search the web? Use the Blukel search feature (results powered by Yahoo!) and get paid for searching the web. You're already doing these things everyday, so cash in on it.


Get paid for these simple, fun activities you can do on your phone or laptop while you're watching videos, at work, waiting for friends, or just sitting down to unwind.


Why Use Blukel?

The aim is to reduce the amount of debt students are expected to graduate with. We believe that an awareness of your (often borrowed) money situation is as important as ever.

No student should have to drop out, or be put off applying to university, due to lack of money.


How Do I Get Started?

It's free and easy to get started. Just fill out your email and pick a password and username. Then you're all set to start earning money while you watch videos at home, or when you're out and about. It's easy to earn with Blukel on the couch or on the go.


How Do I Get Paid?

When you're ready, getting paid is easy. You can request payment quickly and easily, via cash,gift card.


Payout days: every 29th - 31st of the month.


$1 = 20000kel

40000kel for minimum withdrawal



Request withdrawal before the payout date to avoid being delayed


About Blukel :

Blukel is here to pay members for their everyday online activities like posting videos, reading, commenting, taking online surveys, searching the web, and more.


We also have regular contests for our members to win money and prizes, and we share top ways for members to get freebies.

Awards monthly:


  • 1st Runner win $50



  • 2nd Runner win $30



  • 3rd Runner win $10