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Ayomide & Samuel Found Love at the Gym! Enjoy TheSamidLoveStory

Love can be unpredictable yet magical… Just like it was for Ayomide and Samuel. The lovebirds had no idea that their first encounter would lead them to a lifetime of bliss.

They met while in the university 6 years ago and had the intention be gym buddies. However, love was plotting something beautiful in the background which evolved into #TheSamidLoveStory! They are blessing us today with the beauty from their pre-wedding shoot and we are simply obsessed. Keep scrolling and read up on how it all began.

How we met

By the bride, Ayomide:

Samuel and I met at Unilag Sports Complex in 2018. We both came to work out that Saturday morning. I walked up to him to tell him I wouldn’t mind if he became my coach because so many people wanted him to train them that very day. We exchanged numbers but I forgot to save it. He then called after a month or thereabout and we became friends afterwards.

I felt he wasn’t ready and I wasn’t ready… But there was this chemistry between us. We went on dinner and movie dates and had some adventurous moments together. Not so long after we met, he then travelled. We were not so good with distance so we communicated once in a while till we stopped talking for months. Only for him to call me out of the blue during the pandemic in 2020. We met again and we were so happy to see each other after a year and a half. But this time, we defined what we wanted and promised never to let each other go! He popped the question in May 2023 and we can’t wait for us to do this thing called life together till eternity.

How we met

By the groom, Samuel:

I met Mide at Unilag Sports Complex in 2018. I sighted her beautiful smile from afar during training and she kept on staring and I was staring back like ‘Did I do anything wrong?’ lol. Fortunately, she came to me after training to ask if I could be her gym Instructor. In my head, I was like, ‘Why not?’ I told her all sorts of things like how exercise wasn’t that difficult, it only takes consistency and the rest… The funny fact was that I wasn’t consistent. 😂

We exchanged contacts and fast forward to a month later, I did not hear from this lady. I decided to reach out and we met afterwards to hang out and the rest is history We defined our relationship in 2020. Of course, we liked each other before then but really never knew what we wanted …but now I can say I want her to be my all in all. I am filled with joy to take this journey together with you Mide.

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