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When romance is often mentioned, many think it is all about sex. But romance is actually anything you do to your partner that communicate and show that him/her is special to you. Here are a few examples.

1. Calling your partner a special name that you wouldn’t call any other person such “Honey”, “Sweetheart”

2. Cooking together. This activity actually gives you two a chance to bond closer

3. Going out on dates to intimate places (not clubs) where you can look into each other’s eyes and have heart to heart conversations

4. Pulling up her seat or holding her hand when she climbs up a stair case. Even though she can do this on her own, this makes her feel like you are mindful of her

5. Singing love songs together. This warms the heart

6. Covering each other in prayer. The most romantic thing is taking care of each other’s spirit

7. Holding each other’s hand as you walk.

8. Going out for walks, picnics and plays

9. If you have children, planning dates just for you two as you make plans for someone to take care of the kids. Children tend to kill romance if you are not deliberate about maintaining the fire

10. Talking on the phone till late about heart matters if you two are far from each other. If all you talk about till late is sex then you are missing out on depth

11. Writing each other love letters. Yes, there is something special about reading each other’s handwriting in this digital age. Leave a note for your partner on the pillow or post a letter if your partner is far away

12. Making him a warm drink as he works or going to see him with packed lunch. This shows that you have him in mind

13. Sending a parcel. There is something special about opening up a physical gift from the one you love

14. Praising each other publicly, whether in front of your friends, on social media or in social gatherings. But do this only when you love your partner well in private, otherwise it is just pretense

15. Writing each other poems, love songs or warm messages of how much you mean to each other

16. Sitting next to each other in church services as you read from the same Bible

17. Talking with your child/children about how you two met. Children love those stories of mom and dad. This reminds you two of how far your love has come

18. Wishing each other a good night and a good morning. Simple words but they mean alot

19. Having pillow talks on your marriage bed as you cuddle and be vulnerable with each other

Remember that is your life partner. Do and say things that communicate love. If you two are dating and your coming together is because of sex, then you are missing out on a chance to build on a strong foundation on which your future will be built.

If you two are married and you stopped making each other feel special especially since the children came, or the only time you pay attention to each other is when you want sex then you are weakening your marriage.

Bring true romance back.

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