Why you should bill a man 24 hours after he collects your number – Saida Boj

Saida Boj shared her insights on why women should request payment from men within 24 hours of exchanging numbers during a recent episode of the Honest Bunch podcast hosted by Nedu Wazobia.

According to Saida, this practice allows women to assess a man’s ability to provide for them. She emphasized that failing to do so would result in wasting time with a man who may not be financially capable.


Additionally, Saida mentioned that men should compensate women for their appearance, considering the expenses involved in maintaining their beauty.


Check out reactions that followed …


veronicasdaughter concurred: “She is right. Bill him Sis! What else is he good for?? It’s very bad for business. How can you be doing business and ur customers are not paying you??? Do they think you are doing relationship??? Hookupians need to get paid! It’s a transaction: She bills you, then you get sex…its called prostitution for a reason. The plan behind the business model is sex for money. Ols don’t mistake it for love or relationship.”

ifeloverboy said: “I told you, those girls with no home i, training are now adults, some of them are even parents now.”


kelvin_kertz wrote: “Unlike the stomach, the brain does not alert one when it’s empty.”


effedeborah stated: “I’m wondering if she gets paid for being se.ns.eless coz this one no be ordinary again”


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