We shall forever remember TB Joshua for June 12 – SCOAN

The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) Tuesday said that it shall forever remember late Prophet TB Joshua as a special being who was born on June 12.


The Synagogue said most people spent around nine months in their mothers’ wombs before they were born, but Joshua stayed in the womb for eighteen solid months before he was born on June 12, 1963 in a rustic village to peasant parents, reminiscence of the biblical birth in the manger of the Lord Jesus Christ.


The church media team said in a statement signed by Dare Adejumo that the prophet was an unusual child.


“Mysteriously, a few days after his birth, a fiercely errant heavy boulder from the nearby rock pierced the roof of the house at the exact centre of where he was laid on the mat smashing everything around him, but the little baby boy, Temitope, was miraculously protected and unhurt to the amazement of everyone around him”


“These are the reasons we shall forever remember TB Joshua for June 12,” Dare said.


The head of media also stated the beginning of his ordeals with modern Pharisees and Saduces, persecuted in life and death, the prophet was the most abused prophet of our time and he was under the siege of concocted lies, yet he never lost focus.


He noted that the radiance of his legacy, the glorious works of God for which he was born and died for continue to blossom beyond human imagination and to the chagrin of his traducers.

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