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S+x-For-Grades: UNN lecturer allegedly caught red-handed attempting to r+p£ his married student in his office

Mfonobong David Udoudom, a GSP201 lecturer at University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), Enugu state, has been apprehended after being caught p+nts down attempting to r+p£ his female student in his office.

According to the victim’s brother-in-law , the incident happened on Monday morning, April 22, 2024. He noted that Mfonobong had been hara§§ing and thr£at£ning the victim for months.

“This lecturer has been thr£at£ning to fail my sister-in-law in his course if she refuses to sl££p with him. Apparently, it is his modus operandi according to other victims in her class. She has been declining his offer because she’s married and offered money instead as inducement which he refused.

In a recorded voice note, Mfonobong can be heard refusing the money offer as he requested for s+x.

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