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Relationship Talk!! Guys Or Ladies, Whose Jealousy Is More Dangerous In A Relationship?

The idea of Jealousy in relationships begins from having feelings of distrust in the other partner. When that feeling degenerate into action, many at times such actions are unhealthy for the relationship.

On a norm, you shouldn’t be doing things that will spark up the adrenaline of Jealousy in your partner and on the other hand partners  should trust each other enough that they should not get angry over some little issues such as spending time with someone else they don’t really know.

Many Nigerian girls will get over jealous when they see their guy hug another girl. But, what is in hug? Ordinary hug, they have concluded you’re a cheater.

Guys too are not left out in this Jealousy thing. We know quite well that when you have a girlfriend, it’s normal that other guys will also pick interest in her and disturb her on a daily basis. I don’t think there is a guy that will see love text message from other guys on his girlfriend’s phone and won’t flare up in Jealousy. Bros, no be only you like better thing oo!

Hot and unhealthy Jealousy are real in relationships. We all experience it at some point in our relationships.

But come to think of it ?

Between Guys And Ladies, Whose Kind Of Jealousy Is More Dangerous In Relationship?

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