Nigerian man warns netizens about renting a house if they earn less than N2 million

A Nigerian man causes uproar with his advice to netizens on not renting a house unless they comfortably earn N2 million monthly.


He believes that as a young person in their 20s, it is the time to build your wealth for the future.


However, he admits that renting a house is not a necessity and it only brings more responsibility.


He advised that if a person has somewhere comfortable they can stay in the meantime, they should hold off on getting a house of their own for at least three years.

In that three years, he believes it is more important to get a land, a car and a good job or business before focusing on renting a house.


Here are some reactions to what he said  below


_rosythrone asked: “Did I just hear receiving nothing less than 2M naira monthly? Like in this country? Abeg go warm eba!”


the.9oir said: “From my papa house na husband house straight, cuz wdym curtain is 250k 🥹”



ekesonmoney_ advised: “Do what works for you, all these people don mad before. Werey Dey his house dey tell other people make them no rent.”


brendanukagod__ commented: “So if i want to invite woman i will wait until my parent travel or goes out?? Bro you are not ok!! Financial freedom start by taking a bold step and moving out from your comfort zone especially your family house”


jiggy_engineer reacted: “So make I stay under bridge Dey build foundation of wealth ? 🙄💔😂😂”


skylikid added: “Who God favor go think he get sense pass others”

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