Lady Who Crushed on Alexx Ekubo Makes U-Turn after Seeing Him Closely

A Nigerian techie named Ekwutosi C Okeh a.k.a Digital Witch, recently revealed that her crush on actor Alexx Ekubo has come to an end.

After getting a closer look at him, Ekwutosi discovered something that changed her perception.


She had initially believed that Alexx was very tall, but upon standing near him, she realized that this was not the case.


However, she still acknowledged his handsomeness. Ekwutosi expressed her thoughts by stating:


“I been think sey Alex Ekubo is very tall ooo. “He’s currently standing close to me this place I am and bro is not as tall as Movies made him.


He’s fine shaa, I no crush again.”


Check out some of te reacrions trailing her post:


Happiness Vittle Foods Ekerendu said: “I saw him at Lekki, he is tall because our height cannot relate .”


Ifeoma Okere said: “Na why he been wan marry Fancy. That girls tall.”



Miriam Nwoka said: “That means you don’t know what tall is nau.”


  1. Mami Jemimah Joseph said: “Some of these people aren’t as big or tall as cameras make them. When I saw Young John and Asake I open mouth waa.”

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