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Labrinth – Dotted Line / Juju Man

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Dotted Line / Juju Man
Song by Labrinth 
Album: Imagination & the Misfit Kid 
Released: 22 November 2019 

On the song, Labrinth offers to buy love with all the fancy things of life. He’s not concerned how much it’ll cost, he’s ready to bring down the heavens to win the person over.

Labrinth is practically telling her to sign a blank check so he could get all the love money can buy.

Quotable Lyrics:

Sign the dotted line (The dotted line)
Get all the love that money can buy (You know that he for real)
Sign (Just sign) the dotted line (The dotted line)
We’ll save the world with them dreamin’ eyes (I think we got a deal)