I want to bless him – Jim Iyke searches for Good Samaritan who helped him survive under Oshodi bridge

In a candid recent interview, Jim Iyke opened up about the profound emotional betrayal he experienced at the hands of individuals he once considered friends.

He vividly recounted the harrowing moments of his life when he found himself sleeping under a bridge at Oshodi, abandoned and alone.

During this darkest phase, he reflected on the crucial role played by a compassionate Good Samaritan who extended a lifeline when he needed it most.

With unwavering determination evident in the video interview, the acclaimed actor announced his heartfelt mission to locate and reconnect with this anonymous benefactor.

The accomplished Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Jim Iyke, recently revealed his determination to track down and show gratitude to a kind-hearted stranger who once assisted him during a difficult time when he found himself sleeping under an Oshodi bridge many years ago.

In an explosive tell-all with Silicon African, the movie star laid bare the raw realities of his journey, recounting how multiple failures shaped his unwavering belief that success was destined to cross his path.


He didn’t hold back on sharing the gritty details of the highest-stakes gamble he ever dared to take in his lifetime, revealed the pivotal moment that defined his resilience and determination.


Jim Iyke described leaving the comfort of his parents’ home as his boldest risk, driven by the determination to make ends meet and strive for success. He departed with the expectation of staying with friends whom he trusted to reciprocate the care he had shown them.


According to him, one of his bossom pals, with whom he had shared nearly everything, from pocket money to meals and living space, betrayed him.


He said, instead of offering genuine support, his best friend relegated him to a cramped room at his parents’ house. To add insult to injury, Jim Iyke averred he was unceremoniously evicted late at night only days later.


The Nollywood star recounted how, after being turned away by almost everyone he considered a friend, he sought refuge at his cousin’s place, but he wasn’t home.


Left with no other options, he found himself homeless that night and ended up sleeping under the bridge in Oshodi. It was there that he encountered a compassionate stranger who ensured his safety and well-being, providing him with money and all the necessary support.



In a heartfelt plea, Jim Iyke disclosed that this anonymous benefactor, identified only as Lateef, made an indelible impact on his life.


Expressing his earnest desire to reconnect, the actor lamented the futile attempts to locate Lateef, launched an impromptu search during the interview.


He fervently implored anyone acquainted with Lateef, particularly those frequenting Oshodi bridge, to facilitate the reunion.


Jim Iyke emphasized his heartfelt intention to reciprocate the kindness shown to him, reteirated his determination to transform Lateef’s life and bestow blessings upon him.

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