I Gave My Wife Permission To Cheat On Me With Another Man And I Begged Her Not To Divorce Me” Gaji

Known by his stage name as Gaji, popular Yoruba movie star Sola Olaibi has disclosed what he told his wife when he noticed that she was starting to show a nonchalant attitude towards their relationship and what he did incorrectly on his own part to cause their misunderstanding.


He disclosed in a video that was uploaded on Talk-To-B’s official YouTube channel that he told his wife to cheat on him with another man and that he pleaded with her not to end their relationship.


In his statement, he said, “All of a sudden, I discovered that my wife changed her attitude towards our relationship.


“I’m someone who loves a woman with all my heart, and I used to call her up to 97 times per day.


“My wife told me that she was no more interested in our relationship, but I pleaded with her and told her to consider what people would say about us.

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