how i made it big in catering business- abdulramon adekanbi

AbdulRamon Ishola Adekanbi is a reputable entrepreneur. He is the CEO HM GOLD VENTURES, a popular outfit which offers Drinks service, Catering and Event Planning. He has grown his business to the admiration of all and sundry. His service is highly sought-after as he is always engaged to handle top events in town. In an interview with Citypeople, Mr. Adekanbi revealed a lot about how he developed interest in catering. Talked about how he made his first big money as a caterer. Below are excerpts:


For how long have you been in the business of catering?


I’ve been in the business for over a decade.


Please tell us how you started?


The journey started from my University days in UNILAG. We usually worked part-time as waiters on weekends with some drinks and catering companies back then. Prior to my graduation from school, I started my own brand having gathered so much experience in the business of hospitality.


Why did you decide to go into catering?

Yes, I decided to venture into hospitality because I have a passion for doing it. I love serving people. And remember, you serve yourself in serving others. I like it when I’m in the midst of people working and at the same time having fun. As someone who likes traveling, the work has taken me to different states within the country and hopefully outside the country in the coming days.


How profitable is the catering service business?


Yes, the business is profitable to some extent depending on the budget of the clients and a standard is set straight with the budget plan.


What is your first big event as a caterer?



My first big event was the 60th birthday party ceremony for Alhaja Aderoju Mayegun of Ikorodu held at Al Royal Hotels and Suites Ikorodu, in December 2022. Not forgetting that every successful businessman was once a beginner.


How have you been coping with the many challenges on the job?


Yes, there’s no success without failure or no successful business without challenges. My main challenge is conveyance for moving the event items and the boys. Most times, we hire vehicles to convey the boys to and from the event centres. All thanks to God we’re able to overcome this challenge as we have a standby car hire.


What do you tend to achieve within the next 3 years in business?


God’s willing, I’m hoping to be in a better place in the coming years ahead… Our job is based on connection. So I hope to be working with the best event planner in and outside the country and around the globe. I also hope to be at the apex of my career in the business of hospitality whining and dining with kings.


Tell us a bit about your background; family, school attended and upbringing?


My names are Adekanbi Abdulramon Ishola. An alumnus of the University of first choice and the Nation’s pride- University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos. I graduated with a Second-Class Division in Education and Integrated Science. I also obtained a qualification in Nigeria Certificate for Education (N.C.E) in Computer and Integrated Science. I attended Howells Memorial Grammar School, Bariga and later moved on to Epetedo Senior High School Lagos Island where I obtained my secondary school certificate. I began the hospitality job in my school days before I finally set up my brand upon graduation from the prestigious University of Lagos. I served as the President of Akoka Leo Club in the year 2013/2014 Lions Service Year, The Leo Club is a youth Activity and affiliate of the Lions Clubs International where i served in different capacity such as the Club’s Chartered Secretary, Vice President 1&2, Region 1 Public Relations Officer, Project Director amongst others. I attended many Leadership Training Programs for both the club and in the art of hospitality business. I am a well-respected and honest personality with great potential. I am the fourth born of the family of six and a father of two kids.

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