Hamster Kombat Tokens or Profit Per Hour? Crypto Experts Explain What Nigerians Should do to be Safe

There have been arguments on social media about which aspects of Hamster Kombat miners should focus more on

While some argue that the Hamster Kombat tokens are more important and should be accumulated more, others rate the profit per hour higher

Crypto expert Obani Ebenezer Nwokoma shared with TheTalk.NG his thoughts on the subject matter.


Crypto expert Szymanski has advised Hamster Kombat miners on the need to play safe ahead of its launch.


Hamster Kombat earlier announced that its token would be launched on the Ton blockchain.

Hamster Kombat is a trending token that is mined on Telegram.

Photo Credit: @szymansk_i, @navidahmed420Source: TikTok

Like Notcoin and Tapswap, Hamster Kombat is a trending crypto project mined on Telegram and rewards players with coins when they tap.


Profit per hour or Hamster Kombat tokens?

People mining Hamster Kombat have been divided on which aspects to focus more on. Some said the Hamster Kombat tokens hold more value, while others argued that miners would profit from their profit per hour.

In a TikTok video, Szymanski advised people to balance both sides to be safer. In his words:


“You can improve your profit per hour by using your mined tokens to purchase things in the market


“To stay on the safer side, I advise you to purchase your profit per hour. That is all I have to say. Get your profit per hour and still reserve your tokens. Try making it balanced as 60/40…


“Please, make it 50/50. If your profit per hour is 30%, your tokens should be 70% or 40/60…”


Crypto expert speaks on Hamster Kombat


In a chat with TheTalk.NG, crypto expert Obani Ebenezer Nwokoma shared his thoughts on the Hamster Kombat argument. He said:


“My advice is simple: since this is causing an uproar among crypto traders, I will simply say, be on the fence in this case, accumulate late and accumulate as much as you can…


“Do your daily mining and daily 5m task, claim and use whatever change is left to increase your profit per hour so you won’t lose on both sides…


“They (Hamster Kombat) are yet any solid confirmation that the latter is the most valuable, so just do both so you won’t be caught off guard, and that is the same advice I gave to people in my community.”

Reactions trail the Hamster Kombat update

SpiritMan said:


“There is an update on their YouTube page in one of the shorts.”


osaroboomoregbe said:


“Your token is what profit per hour you have mine to you the total of what you mine with your profit per hour is your token so if your profit per hour mine 230k every day that your real token that will be calculated to you.”


Immac203 said:


“Pls i had 32M coins,i just logged in and found out that all my coins were lost,i was asked to start from scarch,i dont understand.”


Terrance Louis said:


“I just saw a video dat itz profit per hour dat is the main token.


“And it was from hamster CEO saying it.”


Pluto Funds said:


“But those 5 million coin wey dem dey give person daily too dey easy to collect na, them no fit dey dash you token like that if na the balance dem go use later.”


Ese❤️❤️❤️ said:


“Please can you explain the ton blockchain for a beginner.”


Blessing Uzuwa said:


“I believe Hamster pass tapswap sef.”


Hamster Kombat: Lady shares mistake people make

Meanwhile, TheTalk.NG previously reported that a lady had shared a mistake people make on Hamster Kombat.


According to @adiralady, people staking their Hamster coins are making a mistake as they would be burned. @adiralady added that it is not where the crypto project would pay people from. She suggested that the profit per hour holds more value than the Hamster coins.


Like Tapswap and Notcoin, players are mining coins by tapping on Telegram. Hamster Kombat has not made any statement regarding this subject matter.

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