Good fortune depends on having good people

Like most societies the people saw wealth as located within particular families. Parents ensured that the wealth acquired in their lifetime was passed on to their offspring and even certain trades were maintained within the family. Perhaps the belief that good fortune depends on having good people arose from these observations; or it arose from the idea that having people who took special interest in the development of the individual led to good advice which eventually led to fame and fortune. Whatever the etiology of the idea, the we should believed that humans enrich the lives of each other and that we rise and fall depending on the support or the lack of it from those closest to us. Thus we can become rich or poor depending on the support that we have from those around us.
Though individualism has shown that we can rise by the power of our own strength, the fact still remains that we all need human support. A few decades ago the American singer Bill Withers wrote a song and gave it the title lean on me. The song says
Sometimes in our lives, we all have pain we all have sorrow
But if we are wise, we know there’s always tomorrow
Lean on me when you’re not strong and I’ll be your friend
I’ll help you carry on, for it won’t be long
Till Im gonna need somebody to lean on….
We all need somebody to lean on.

The U.S Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, told a story of growing up in rural Georgia in the southern United States with his poor old grandmother and how the nuns at the local Catholic School took an interest in him and encouraged him to study. That is how he ended up at Yale University and eventually became a lawyer. Today he sits on the United States Supreme Court despite coming from a very poor background. President William Jefferson Clinton, the former United States President also told a story of living with an alcoholic step-father who was a used car salesman. The man was physically very abusive towards the future president’s mother. Despite such a background the teachers at his school encouraged him to study and a school trip to the nation’s capital fired his imagination to aspire to the presidency someday.
You do not have to be the son or daughter of a very famous person in order to excel in life since you can learn from all the other people around you. In our postmodern world, and for the first time in human history, the source of wealth is not only from having land or other tangible items but in what is known and we have given it a new name called intellectual property. This means that you can think and become wealthy. In our own time, the accident of birth is no longer an impediment so long as those around you are willing to lend a helping hand by giving you ideas. It means that it is possible to grow a community by bending down and supporting those who represent the future of that community. Therefore, it is possible to say that the future of your community is good because you are working towards lending a hand. We all need someone to lean on. Nothing takes the place of human encouragement and nothing can replace a smile from someone who cares. Stop wishing you had a legion of brothers and sisters, rich uncles and aunts. Stop using being alone as an excuse and learn from all those around you. You can never be alone if you help those who are lonely, someone once said. Hold firmly to your dreams by releasing and living your faith through deeds of love to others and may you find contentment in all that you do today.

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