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Empire Season 6 Episode 3 – You Broke Love

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Season Number: 
Episode Number: 
Episode Title: You Broke Love
Air Date: 8 October 2019 

Damon Cross continues to hold Cookie hostage suspecting she snitched on him to leak information to Lucious. He contacts Lucious who called it a bluff, claiming he has nothing to do with Cookie again. A disgruntled Damon, makes his next move at the Lyons grandchildren.

Cookie won’t let harm befall any of her grandchildren, she was going to find her way out of the hostage Damon kept her but she ended up being shot in the leg.

Reflecting on how he’s not been there for his family, Lucious Lyon takes a u-turn to negotiate with Damon Cross giving Cookie the last straw that finally saved her. Lucious again played a smart one on Damon as fortunately for him, Cookie still had the evidence that could save her husband from the trails of the FBI.

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