Burna Boy reveals why he can’t joke with D’Banj

Whatever any person may hold against Nigerian music star, D’Banj, his Grammys-winning compatriot, Burna Boy, will always rate him dearly.

D’Banj as well as the likes of Tuface and Timaya reigned before Burna and he seems to have taken stardom higher than they did.


Interestingly, he is known to have said his music and rise did not really depend on anyone’s influence.


But he on Wednesday said D’Banj did an unforgettable thing for him over 10 years ago.


According to him, he footed the bill of one of his (Burna Boy’s) videos.


The artiste revealed this during an IG live session.


He has kudos for Timaya , Tuface and Lady Gaga too.

He said, “The only like Og’s I can say did some things for me that were impactful for me, Number 1 Timaya, because that’s the nigga that always showed me like this guy you be bro.


“I went to Timaya’s house in 2013 or 2012, I see all the cars and I am like ‘Bro, how long do someone have to sing before he can get all these and build house?’ And he said, ‘Do you know how many upstairs and cars you will have?’ So that’s the nigga that you can say that I’m going to have to respect for the rest of my life.


“There’s nigga like Dbanj. Dbanj actually paid for one Damn all video. He didn’t have to so these are two niggas that I really don’t play with.


“Niggas like Larry Gaga wey be say dem don see one of two real shit, na dem dey with men. They never did those weird ass industry shit. These re niggas that I respect for the rest of my life.


“Like 2face based on musicality and the fact that he came and did a feature with me when he didn’t have to back in the day.”

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