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For women, Cumming and Squirting are two different things.

Both happen in different levels of sex for women while guys only spill milk at the climax 😂

Depending on how good you are as a guy, you can either make a woman cum or squirt or even both if your game is strong.

Sincerely speaking, some guys have never made a woman cum during sex before not to talk of squirt.

We want to know those that know about Cumming and Squirting.😜

So Guys 👇

What’s The Difference Between Cumming And Squirting?

If you get it correctly, you’re a legend

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@peepso_user_5(Mimi Wilson) Squirting is an act of involuntary urination during orgasm. The fluid is from bladder. So its urine itself.
While cumming is the True ‘ female ejaculation that is accompanied by a creamy white substance that is released into the vagina.