Billionaire’s heir, Paddy Adenuga hits milestone

Give it to Agbolade ‘Paddy’ Adenuga. As a famous son of one of Africa’s richest men, Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr., Paddy has no doubt proven not to be among children of the ultra-wealthy who are brats but one who is determined to add value to what his father struggled to make. After attending a military academy at 10, graduating from High School at 13 and getting his first degree at 18, this lover of basketball and arts has, without any doubts, carved a niche for himself. From achievements in his father’s empire —Globacom and ConOil— to his audacious business move at 29, where he narrowly missed a major deal of owning Chevron in the Netherlands.

Unlike other ultra-rich kids, Paddy believes striking it out on his own by stepping away from his father’s shadow was the best course of action and those close to him have continued to praise his brilliance and achievements on and off the stage. His ingenuity has seen him float his own multi-million dollar investment entity: Pegasus Capital Investment Limited —a United Kingdom-based firm with interest in foods and beverages. As much as Paddy could best be described as a chip off the old block, his dad is a very reclusive magnate while Paddy is that ubiquitous extrovert and a delight on social media —different strategies for different ages perhaps. The dude has no scruples sharing opinions about his private life and his aggressive business plans.


His 2018 scintillating story about his failed bid for Chevron Netherlands’ North Sea Oil assets on his own rights as a way of making his own name in business, was read by thousands of youths. It was a story of passion, daring, friendship, betrayals, mentorship, distrust, and of course, money. He touches on a key disadvantage of being a rich kid as it’s much harder for people to think that what they’ve achieved is on their own. Nevertheless, sources said Paddy is one of his dad’s shining lights for discipline and decency: thanks to his strong military training. Paddy and his older brother, Babajide attended the Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, Texas. They were not just mere attendees of the institution but active members of the Delta Company which gave an exciting parade during the 1996 anniversary weekend at the institution. Their stints at the Harlingen military academy actually provided them a disciplined, distraction-free setting that allows focus on their educational and personal development. This has encouraged Paddy —who came out tops of the class— and his brother to take ownership of their lives and develop the tools they need to succeed in life. And this is evident in Paddy’s life exploits to the admiration of his father.


So when Paddy hit the landmark age of 40 yesterday Friday 21 June, the dude had every cause to celebrate and be celebrated. Sometime last week, Paddy, born in London, England on 21 June 1984, had teased thousands of his followers on his various social media platforms with a nostalgic picture of his first birthday flanked by his cousins, excitedly announcing “his year 40 loading”. As he hits the fourth floor, family and associates are already on cue to celebrate the dashing young man who seemingly has come of age.   


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